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HOPE Chiropractic & Nutrition is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality, cost effective chiropractic care and nutrition coaching. 

Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic Care 

Chiropractic care includes a multitude of modalities and therapies. Primarily, when people think of chiropractic, they think of neck pain, back pain and headaches. HOPE Chiropractic & Nutrition urges you to think chiropractic for all parts of your body! Dr. Passerini provides chiropractic adjustments using various techniques, depending on the needs of the individual. The doctor offers specific, comfortable, high velocity, low ampitude adjustments after a careful, thorough analysis. 


Corrective Exercises 

At HOPE Chiropractic & Nutrition, we teach our patients how to perform exercises to assist with correcting poor posture, muscle imbalances, and asymmetry that may be causing pain and disease process. Think of this as the "prescription" that you take home.

Lifestyle Tips

The chiropractic approach to caring for health involves much more than visits to our office. As mentioned above, corrective exercises are often key to longterm recovery and prevention of pain and injury. We take your daily health very seriously, and we want you stay healthy. Therefore, we regularly provide active coaching information to help keep you feeling your absolute best and avoid your particular weaknesses or injuries in your life. We understand that it is often during our most enjoyable activities (like playing with our kiddos) that you may feel your common complaints flare. We don't want to see you suffer, so we aim to provide modified ways of conducting activities so that you are able to participate the same, but not experience the pain. We often hear similar situations about work, and it is often seemingly impossible to avoid work. Our goal is to assist you in achieving total health and wellness. 

While the typical medical model focuses on waiting until you are sick to help you feel better, we at HOPE Chiropractic want to arm you with the knowledge and care to prevent sickness. When living an ideal healthy lifestyle, sickness is still a potential, but milder symptoms are typically experienced. 

Spinal/Postural Analysis
Most of us can remember our mothers telling us to "sit up straight," as a child.  Research continues to reveal the importance of 'good' posture and to promote good posture from a young age. Sitting and standing with proper posture will allow the body to work more efficiently, while decreasing muscle fatigue. Maintaining proper posture will also decrease stress placed on the body's muscles, ligaments, and joints decreasing ones risk for injury and chronic pain. In order to help the Botetourt and Roanoke community, our trained and experienced chiropractor will assess your posture and provide you with helpful tips, stretches, and exercises to get your back in a state that will make your mother proud! 

"The preservation of health is easier than the cure of the disease."

             ~B.J. Palmer

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