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Nutritional Support

HOPE Chiropractic & Nutrition is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality, cost effective chiropractic care and dietary advice. 

8 months of weight training + 6 months of dietary changes. 





Don't feel that way right now? You will! We are here to help. Together, we'll tranform your health so you look and feel your best. 

Our Nutrition Approach:   


Learning how to take care of your body by eating right has become nearly impossible without help from a professional. The multitude of conflicting literature, opinions, and schools of thought about dieting and exercising can have you running in circles that are destined to make you fail or give up.  Through many years of education, self research, personal experience, and couseling others, our mission is to help you obtain your goal and avoid fad dieting, stress, and frustration. 

A few things you will get from us that you will not get from other nutrition coaches:

  1. RD/RDN Credentials. Dr. and Ashley Passerini worked very hard to earn the Registered Dietitian Nutritionist credentials so that the information delivered to you is credible. A Registered Dietitian is different from a Nutritionist in that an RD has (at least) an undergraduate degree in Nutrition or related field, has completed a year long clinical internship program, has passed national boards, and has become certified by the Commission on Dietetic Registration (CDR). There is no governing body of any person who may call themselves a "Nutritionist". 

  2. Current Research. You will receive current, up-to-date, science-based information with intertwined personal experience and other client success. 

  3. Whole-Food Oriented. We understand that we live in a society that is always on the go. We figure out ways for our clients to have a whole-food based diet that fits their busy lifestyle. 

  4. Realistic Approach. Going from the couch to a marathon or from eating out every meal to cooking most meals can be overwhelming or unrealistic for many individuals or families. Therefore, we like to keep changes simple and small. We start with a few changes and progress to the desired goal that you set. 

  5. Goal Focused. It is our mission to help you achieve your goals. We will give you information, encourage you, support you, and help in any way possible. 

  6. Have Fun. And most importantly, have fun! Life is fun, so make choices that will keep you around for awhile. Food can be healthy and delicious at the same time!  

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